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Half-Male, Half-Female Bird

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    I was not aware of such a thing.


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    That's amazing, isn't it? I recently heard about it as well, butterflies are beautiful examples as well.
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    Nature is so flexible!
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    Like Frank Gorshin in Star Trek!
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    If a male cardinal approaches on the red side and starts to pick a fight this little birdie only has to turn the other cheek. :D

    Shades of the Starship Enterprise:

    bold mine

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    Based on my observations and interactions with quite many people, I think most "gay" males of higher social positions in life share this feature.
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    No, the condition is a gynandromorph and is an organism that contains both male and female characteristics. Please read the information posted before replying.
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    Yes, I read that. I was only suggesting that it looks much whiter than a typical female cardinal. Females are not white, they actually have a fair amount of color, suggesting this bird might be leucistic instead of a gynandromorph.

    Either way, it's surprising that they never actually caught the bird to sample its DNA, yet an article is apparently published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.
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    Yes, it does look much whiter so there could be a reason for the lighter coloring for the female half as you state, but it's still half male/half female.
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