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News Haliburton to build detention facilities in USA

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    Rather than jump off of the deep end into endless possibilities. I will gladly allow anyone to explain this.

    http://www.halliburton.com/default/main/halliburton/eng/news/source_files/news.jsp?newsurl=/default/main/halliburton/eng/news/source_files/press_release/2006/kbrnws_012406.html [Broken]
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    No-bid contracts, by any chance?

    I wonder if they will overcharge the taxpayers - again. :rolleyes:
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    KBR was the only bidder. And the bid is termed:
    indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity

    Considering that these are supposed to be temporary detainment facilities, built on existing military facilities ,I would think that they could buy one hellofalot of razor wire and port-a-potties for $385 million.

    One thing that seems a bit odd, the contract includes, if necessary,to build housing and suppport facilities for ICE in case ICE is involved in law inforcement during a natural disater. Or if ICE is involved in the relief effort after a disaster. Can they build the facilities after the disaster has already happened and complete them in a short time span.:rolleyes:

    There are a number of reasons given by Homeland Security for the contract. They even state that the facilities may never be built, yet in the next sentence they sate that even more may be built.

    Since the construction is supposed to start in an "after the fact" or "after the disaster'' or "after a sudden influx of aliens" scenario, it seems like it would be a futile effort.

    Kinda makes me wonder what really is going on. OK so I jumped off of the deep end after all.

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