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Hall effect and semiconductors

  1. Oct 16, 2012 #1
    I had a problem understanding the hall effect for flow of holes... I thought flowing of holes means that the electrons are flowing the opposite direction,leaving open holes and that's it... but when reading hall effect I couldn't explain the hall effect for electrons and holes... Suppose holes are flowing to the right... A magnetic field is working perpendicular to its direction... We can see where the positive charge will be forced to gather... But if I think about electrons for this case that shows electrons are also gathering up there... That means either I have some mistake here or I had some misconception about the flow of holes in semiconductors...
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    I am not sure I understand your explanation...your wording....

    Wikipedia expresses my understanding pretty clearly:


    for conductors

    For semiconductors, holes and electrons typically have different concentrations [based on the doping of the semiconductor]....and also different mobility. Wikipedia has a bit on this as well....

    does that clear it up for you??
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    If u read the page,you will see a line that says it can't be explained without using quantum mechanical effects... And how do u think about flowing of holes?
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    No one is replying... Please tell me how you think of flow of holes in semiconductors... Does flowing of holes mean that the electrons are flowing the opposite direction,leaving open holes? And thus the holes move opposite to electron's direction...
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