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Hardest part about the general GRE

  1. Jul 24, 2008 #1
    Hi guys, I'm going to be a junior next year so I think its a good idea for me to start looking into the GRE. Whats the hardest part of it?( analogies, reading etc..) Since I have a year to prep, I'll want to start on the hardest/(longest time to prep for) so I can get a high score when/if I take it next year.
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    Although I didn't write the GRE, I'd definately say the writing / verbal sections would be the hardest based on experience with other standardized test. Some people start reading novels and pratice writing well in advance.
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    The reading section is all about vocabulary. Analogies and antonyms are explicitly vocabulary. Fill in the sentence and reading comprehension are made difficult by throwing in an exotic vocabulary word. It's tough to prepare for this. If you are really up for it they have word lists for the most common GRE words. A lifetime of reading literature supposedly works too, but I couldn't justify it for one measly test.
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    I think time management and avoiding stupid mistakes are the biggest issues. Take as many practice tests as you can.


    As for math,
    The math is really easy content-wise, but the answers are intentionally chosen to trip you up and, there is the time constraint. Also, you can't go back if you realize you made a mistake. I made a stupid mistake early on the math section when I took it, only to realize the error a couple questions later, and it really messed with my mind and made me to lose concentration. I still got a good score so I'm not complaining, but these testing issues are a real factor.

    Basically, even though the math is ludicrously simple (middle school level), don't forgo taking the math practice tests. Sit down and take them in the same style of the test situation (timed, no going back, etc).


    As for verbal,
    The verbal section is hugely weighted towards vocabulary. Thankfully, the test makers re-use many words over and over, and people have compiled lists of them which you can memorize. Google gre vocabulary words.

    Again, get some practice to get a feel for the test maker's minds. After you take a few practice tests, you can practically predict the wrong answers on some questions just from psychology.


    As for writing,
    The key is to write a lot. Seriously. Groups have done studies of scores, and the only thing they could find that the longer the essay the higher the score.

    Brainstorm for a couple minutes, and then just write write write. Throw ideas down, flow with it. These are not "real" essays, you don't have to be proud of them. A good way to add length is to just put in concrete examples, even if they don't quite apply to what you're talking about. If you just write a ton of BS that sorta sounds coherent, you can probably get a 4.5/6 or 5/6.
  6. Oct 12, 2008 #5
    Verbal section need not be the hardest part - if proper plans and strategies are adopted -try www.grevocabulary.org for some great tips and strategies.
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