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Harmonic Oscillator with fermions

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    We have 3 fermions (s=1/2) at the ground state of a harmonic oscillator moving over the x axis with a the classic hamiltonian for a three particle oscillator :
    H =(1/2m)*(P1)^2 +((1/2)*m(w^2)((x1)^2)) +(1/2m)*(P2)^2 +((1/2)*m(w^2)((x2)^2)) +(1/2m)*(P3)^2 +((1/2)*m(w^2)((x3)^2))

    we have a pertubation between fermions that is:

    And it is asked the chande of the ground state's energy due to the pertubation.
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    With S1z,S2z,S3z the spin (z) of each fermion
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