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Has Anyone Taken a Three Hours Mathematics Class at Night

  1. Jun 27, 2013 #1
    Will it be hard to take calculus I at Night during three hours from 6 to 8:45?
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    I guess it depends on your body clock -- whether or not you tend to be alert / active during that period of time (most people aren't based on my empirical observations).
    But, a three-hour long mathematics class is usually very trying on your mental endurance, and the timing is somewhat strange as well - either you have to have your dinner really late (and likely being hungry during the lecture) or really early (and possibly suffering from the classic "after-food sleepiness syndrome")
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    I never took one, but I was an aide in one. I depends on the individual. I think it is easier to focus form 6-9 pm than 6-9 am for sure.
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    That really depends on you. I took a 3 hour differential equations class in the evening once, and it was fine, but that's me. Any three hour lecture can be tough just because they're so long, but that doesn't mean you won't learn anything. You also usually get a short break halfway through. Try to eat dinner beforehand if you're prone to not being able to focus when you're hungry.
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    I have in the past taken courses, both math and non-math, from the 6-9PM timeslot (U of T offer many courses during that time). Personally I did not have a great deal of difficulty in focusing my attention. What I did during that time was to have a light dinner around 4PM, and went for a brief walk afterwards prior to my arriving in class -- the 2 hour time lag from dinner to class plus the walk prevented me from suffering from the "after-food sleepiness" syndrome.

    To the OP:

    Whether such a strategy works for you will depend on your own internal clock (i.e. whether you are a morning or evening person).
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    Three hours is a long block of time for math. I've taken three hour evening courses in other subjects, such as foreign languages, and that wasn't a problem. But math requires a lot of mental stamina.

    Also, it can take some time to digest new mathematical material. The worst thing about long lectures is that if you get confused about something in the first hour, you may have trouble understanding the rest of the lecture in real time, so you are reduced to simply taking notes without full comprehension and hoping to make sense of it later. This can be very frustrating. For this reason, I always preferred one hour lectures for math.
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    Last semester I had my math class from 6-7:50, and I liked having it at night. On test days, I had a few hours before class that I could use to study, and get prepared for tests. I had a study group that I got together with once or twice a week, and we usually met a couple hours before class. It worked out pretty well.

    I'm currently taking a speech class from 6-8:45 pm, and it's a bit trying to sit through the whole think. The last 45 minutes or so are typically spent looking at the clock, waiting to get out.
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    D H

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    Everyone who said it depends on your body clock was spot-on correct. It's up to you.

    A little test: Suppose you were faced with making a twelve hour long driving trip. Which would be easier for you: Getting up early and leaving at 6AM or so so you can arrive around 6 PM, or sleeping in, leaving around noon and arriving around midnight. (And the only reason you get there that early is because you heard the people you are visiting are morning people.)
  10. Jul 1, 2013 #9
    I self study calculus at night, usually around 9 to 10 pm.
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