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Has neutrino redshift been observed?

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    I understand that neutrinos are emitted when supernova explode. I presume that there are quite accurate models that predict the energies of those neutrinos at the time of emission.

    Has the phenomenon of redshift been observed when those neutrinos are subsequently detected?
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    Detecting supernova neutrinos is hard. In fact, we only have a handful of confirmed supernova neutrino events which originated from SN1987A and this supernova occured in the large magellanic cloud which is very close by and there is no redshift to speak of.

    If we had a galactic supernova today, the detectors are much larger and we would see more events but this would still not show any redshift because it would still be in our galaxy.

    There is currently no way of singling out neutrinos from an extragalactic supernova.
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