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Have an idea I want to realise but..

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    Hello there!

    I have an idea I want to realise practically, but my electrical knowledge is almost zero. Everything I might have known is long forgotten. I'm asking for a good online course/site or any other resource that would provide me with enough information and examples to cal, wire, construct the following and not kill myself in the proccess:

    0) 101 electrical fundamentals
    1) A device that would let me turn AC to DC,
    2) A device that would let me vary the voltage and amps on a fixed wattage. (Also, ways how to decrease or increase source wattage)
    3) A device that would let me switch between a constant current and a pulsating one.
    4) Information on electrical discharges, breakthrough voltages, working principles etc.
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    hi milchy
    welcome to PF :smile:

    do some googling and you will probably come up with some choices
    also look and see what tech colleges are available in your town/city or nearby

    google diode rectifiers

    wattage isn't fixed W = V x I ( Amps) vary either V or I and the wattage changes
    increasing source wattage doesn't make electrical sense .... we use Watts to describe the power being used by a load
    load = any appliance in your house, or say what parts of your car use ... ignition, lights, horn, Aircon etc

    there are ways to do this, do some googling and come back with some links and specific questions on what your find

    as per my answer to your Q3

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