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Hawking's latest book and it's on mathematics!

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    Hawking's got to stop stealing the God expressions from Einstein.
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    It's good as long as you know what you're buying. Each chapter includes a short biography of the mathematician (17 in total) followed by a brief discussion of their work and its significance. This is then followed by selections of the mathematician's original work, reproduced, which comprises a majority of the book. It is its own contained library of what Hawking believes to be the most significant works in math.
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    the expression "god created the integers, all else is the work of man" is kronecker's. he was one of cantor's leading anagonists.
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    I've also seen another version in which he seems to have said that "God created the natural numbers...". I first came across this in a book on number theory by David Burton. Wikipedia seems to agree with you, though.:rolleyes:
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    einstein said "I want to know God's thoughts,..... the rest is just details.." maybe that's what you're thinking of?
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    Einstein also said "God damn, I'm having a hard time unifying these forces."

    *pure conjecture on my part. he may not have said that. but I bet he thought it.
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