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Quantum Fayyazuddin Quantum Mechanics Book

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    In general when learning Quantum Mechanics, you will need to reference multiple books as no one book is the best resource. This book seems relatively new, published in 2013 and you may not find anyone here who's used it in a class. I noticed also that there's no comments pro or con on the book at Amazon which makes it difficult to choose it over a more established book.

    However, the author Fayyaz Uddin seems to have an esteemed career in theoretical physics and that could be a plus for the book:


    If you can peruse the book see if it talks to you and teaches you something new and that might indicate it will be useful.

    I used Schiff's book, decades ago and found it to be a very brisk treatment of QM with the details left to the student. I came away with awe for QM but not with a great understanding but that was my fault I'm sure. I had to search out other books to help me understand what Schiff was getting at.

    Anyway, here's some earlier PF threads on the best QM books:


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    Thanks. I have a bunch of QM texts already. Also the first edition of the Fayyaz Uddin's text I believe was published in 2000. I think the book is pretty good. I was actually quite surprised not to see any reviews of the book in amazon (or anywhere else).
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    Reviews on Amazon are paid by the publisher. Perhaps the publisher didn't see it as a success in the Western side of Pakistan, so he didn't bother spending money on advertising it through Amazon. He just "planted" it there to ensure sales in India and Pakistan through the world's biggest shop.
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    If so, then how do you explain that some reviews are negative?
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    Not all, the 5 star ones, sorry for the imprecise statement.
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    Hm, I've once written a 5 star review on Amazon without having been paid by the publisher? Should I ask them for money or is it barred already ;-(?
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