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Heat content as a state function?

  1. Sep 17, 2011 #1

    at 3:30 he introduces heat content to show why it cant be a state variable. he says that if q=2 is added to the cycle everytime you go around the cycle the heat content would be incremented by 2. but as heat=work shouldn't that extra 2 be lost as work and at point 1 you always have hc=5? watch the video to make sense of my question.. :)
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    Yes, I caught that error also.
    It clearly says, Q=W. which means all added heat is converted into work, as a result there is no change in internal energy, (delta)U=0.
    Then why did he say, Q is incremented in every cycle. He should have said, practically (delta)U would never be zero.

    Who is this guy (the teacher), anyway?
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