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Heat mat, amount of heat produced?

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    my question is say you have a heat mat 11" by 11" one that is 7W and the other is 12W, will the 12W heat mat produce more heat and how do you prove this by means of mathematics?

    Further to that, say if you have 6"x11" that is 10W and then a 11"x11" that is 20 watts, would the second one produce more heat or less or similar (minute diff), as it has a wider area to heat up?

    This is with regards to UK input 3 pin plug system.
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    The 7W mat will produce 7W of heat and the 12W mat will produce 12W. Are you asking something about the temperature reached, rather than the heat produced?

    I didn't get the bit about 3pin plugs, I'm afraid.
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    Hi, sorry i dont know much about physics lol. Just reason i ask is as i keep reptiles and people keep saying that the higher the wattage doesn't relate to more heat (temp being produced).

    So yes, i'm asking more about the temperature reached if possible?

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    The factors involved include the efficiency of the two matts also the increased surface area leads to greater heat loss per wattage affecting its efficiency. Essentially the wattage increase of the larger matt is due to the increase rate of loss and the larger area to heat up in the first place. Not to obtain a higher temerature on the matt. This would have adverse affects on your reptile and can lead to the reptile getting burned. When manufacturerers make the matt's they have a set temperature range that the matt covers with an upper limit for that reason.
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    Ok thanks, and with regards to the same mat size but higher wattage? I guess that is able to reach higher temp's?

    Are there any equations that show this?
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    . . . . . . A higher temperature or the ability to keep a larger vivarium at the same temperature.

    There are no sums because the situations are all too varied and complicated. I can only suggest that there must be thermostats available and that would resolve the potential problem of fried lizards. I imagine the suppliers would tell you what size of enclosure with a particular flooring would maintain a suitable temperature above ambient. 7W or 12W are both pretty low powers and, over the sort of areas you are discussing, I can't imagine more than a few degrees of temperature elevation. If you have a thermometer (you need one) then you could experiment. It's the only way to be sure.
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    I also have a Lizard in a vivarium your best bet is to use a heat matt as well as the heat lamps, Keep in mind you need 3 lamps for the health of the lizard. An infrared, A heat lamp with the white light color ranges and the UV lamp. UV rays are important in various chemical processes to produce key protiens.
    My recommendation to you is don't cheap out your set up The more effective means of controlling temperature in your Viviarium is to buy a variable adjustable heat lamp and Infrared lamp. Both are readily available at your local pet store.
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