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Heat transfer and turbine blade

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    i was hoping someone could help me with a problem i am having. i have a 2D turbine blade, with many holes of different diameters through it that represent the cooling passages. i am trying to find an analytical solution of the temperature distribution so i can compare it with computational answers i have.

    any help is much appreciated...

    thanks in advance
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    Sounds to me like you need an FEA analysis more than an analytical approach. Analytical heat transfer just doesn't get very far on very complex geometries, it's better for use in simple geometric shapes, and 1-D approximations.
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    Sound like a conjugate problem you would solve using FLUENT. Analytical solutions for cooling holes don't get you very far but you can calculate the bulk flow through the passages and the .....never mind I would have no idea.

    FredGarvin might know if there are standard tables for these kind of problems usually at conferences I see this kinda stuff compared against empirical data.
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    Nothing that I know of. The only things you can really do are very simplified analytical checks to see if you are in the ball park. From there, you need to be diligent in making sure that your numerical model converges to a believable solution. From there, real testing confirms your models and assumptions. Turbine cooling is a VERY difficult area to figure out. Us and other companies spend a lot of time and manpower on finding ways to do this.
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