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Heating up water- energy required

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    Is the below calc right?

    Input electrical power for heating- 4KW
    Heating time= 20 hrs = 72,000 sec
    Input energy available= = 288,000,000 J

    Qty of water to be heated- 7,500Kg
    Specific heat of water- 4,200 joules/Kg/deg C

    Delta T in Celsius that can be achieved with the said input energy is 9.14 ?
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    Now the bigger question. How do you design a waste heat recovery system to heat water from the heat out of air cooled condenser of a 4 ton air conditioning unit. This 4 ton air conditioning unit runs for 24 hrs. Hot water is required for bathing purposes in a hostel.
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    can anybody tell me where to look in for information on design related to heat recovery system?
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