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Height affecting wireless signal

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    I went to get a new router because I finally decided to get wireless. I got a Linksys WRT120N which supposedly has a decent range, according to the sellsman. On my apartment the router is about ten meters and has a couple walls between it and the computer.
    The computer receives really weak signal, so I called the store and they said that it's because I live in a 16th floor.
    If that's true I don't understand why would the height affect the range, and didn't got any results searching on the net. I would appreciate any explanation of the height affecting the signal.

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    So. you're saying that you're directly above your router?

    A wireless routers emitted signal, or coverage area, isn't a perfect sphere. There's almost always going to be areas relatively close to the router where the signal is weak. Primarily, directly above and below.


    Try to keep the router as far away from walls, ceilings, and floors as much as possible. When I was playing around with my personal routers at home, I was surprised at how much the signal will degrade as you move a router close to a wall or floor. The thickness of the walls and ceiling/floors is also a factor. Along with if there is any metals present. Also, try to avoid interference from other radio sources, ie; 2.4GHz cordless phones. Try adjusting the frequency setting up and down in the router and see if it makes any difference.
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    No, the router is approximately the same height as me, but the guys at the store said that the height relative to the ground can affect the signal.
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    Somewhat, but not considerably. The only time it will noticeably degrade the signal is if you're trying to pick up the signal from the other side of the obstruction that the router is close to. Even then, 802.11g's are still pretty good at maintaining a good signal. Especially the newer MIMO 802.11n's.

    Example. In my barracks room I have a triple antenna Belkin N router. A friend of mine can still get internet access on it from approximately 150 feet away and passing through over 22 rooms. The router is five feet off the ground and five or six inches off the wall which is in the direction of his room. The signal does vary GREATLY within his room though. Lots of complete dead spots with only a few areas where he can get internet. Still, much, much better compared to 802.11b.
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