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Schools HELP find university in UK for course Electrical Engineering

  1. Sep 13, 2011 #1

    I need some help to find a university in Uk.
    I'm studying electrical engineering in 4th year. Next year (5th) I want to go to the UK to finish the course.

    At my university I have two modules that I have to do to finish the course, so plan to have these modules at a university in the UK.

    Modules are:

    -Design of Electrical Installation
    Program: Organization of electrical installation projects taking into account the legal framework. Study of regulations and standards applicable to the project of electrical installations. Design of electrical infrastructure facilities and industrial buildings and housing services. Design of protection systems, power surges and lightning. Lighting project with resources to software simulation for illumination calculations.

    -Enterprise Creation and Management

    Can someone help me find universities with courses that contains theses modules!?

    thank you for the information!
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    Firstly, why do you want to come to the UK to do two modules? In the UK we do many modules per year, usually between 8 and 12. So two modules would only make up a couple of hours per week... no university here will enrol you for that.

    Also consider that we have a different university system to you guys and thus we probably don't have a module that would satisfy exactly what you are describing.
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