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Help finding comment about 'Hopital

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    Hi guys. I little while ago I remember reading on some article on the internet something we there was a comment about hopital. I can not remember the exact wording but to the best of memory it initially talked about the mathematicians that were followers of Newton, and then those who were follows of Leibniz including l'Hopital. It then went on to say how l'Hopital didn't help Leibniz immensely as he was quite public about area views and making his point known and published quite a few works with regards to Leibniz.

    Now I know this is a total needle in a haystack but has anyone read anything that resembles my description of the paragraph. I have tracked back over all my history related to calculus, I cant find it anywhere, so I tried searching again, starting with Wiki and then just random hits from Google and still nothing. I am positive that it did exist, however due to Wiki's ever-changing nature it may be someone edited that out. I will be checking googles Cache of the various wiki pages, as in the past when I thought I had read something then check back on Wiki it was gone, then thought of googles cache and lo and behold what I had read was there. At the moment I cant check googles cache as Google thinks Im a bot as im through my schools proxy server at the moment.

    Thanks guys, I know this is very very ambiguous but I am desperate to find that article :-)
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