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HELP? How do I delete a post or my account?

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    I want to delete a post or maybe several posts that I have made in the past, or otherwise change my "screen name" because I probably should have picked something a little more incognito. Either way, I can't find a way to do either of these things and I, as a fairly intelligent person, have been looking around the site for an hour. So, if it is not possible to change my name and have it changed on my past posts as well OR have the option to delete some of my past posts, can someone let me know? If that is the case, then I just want to delete my PF account and hopefully this will delete all past activity... but I can't figure out how to do that either. So, any help would be appreciated.
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    We don't delete all past activity. You could petition and Admin to change your user name. Whether they do so or not is up to their discretion. Pick a user name more carefully in future.
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    Hello. How do I delete my account on PF? Thanks.
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    As a policy, we don't delete accounts. We can, however, ban your account which will have the effect of closing it. Otherwise, you could just no longer post here.
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