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How do I delete my account?

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    I wish to cancel my membership and delete my account. Please do so or tell me how.
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    Maybe send me a PM to let me know why you want to delete your account? You seem happy in your recent posts...
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    In general we don't delete accounts, that's part of the forum rules.
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    I've felt the same way as you, many times, over the years.

    But, in spite of much opinionated nonsense, which made me cringe, and want to put an ice pick into my brain, I knew, that there was probably not a better cyberplace to hang out.

    ps. I'm now following you on Facebook, if that's any consolation, to my somewhat "contrarian" post.
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    It's also standard procedure on every forum I've ever been on. Forum posts are kept for years, so it's important that the posts are kept intact and the members named, even if they are no longer participation. Deleting an account would entail either deleting all of a user's posts, which would fragment threads and make them useless, or removing the member's name, which would make it difficult to follow thread conversations. So while we can ban members, we typically do not delete their accounts.

    Note that the PF gold membership is not mandatory. No one should feel obligated to go gold. The only benefit is the removal of ads from the site and the fact that you're supporting the forum.
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