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Help in choosing three universities for physics

  1. Dec 13, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone,
    I'm right now in my 12th grade. And It's time that I apply to universities. My goal is to get the best possible undergraduate education in Physics. I need to decide between three universities.
    University of Victoria in Canada
    Lahore University of Management Science in Pakistan
    University of Central Oklahoma in USA
    Please help me decide which one provides best education.
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    It could help if you were to list out what "best education" means to you.

    Often, when comparing physics programs, there's no clear better or worse. What's different between them are all sorts of things like: the senior course options available, the research opportunities for undergraduate students, the quality of the professors that will be instructing your classes, the cost, the cost of living in the city, the other students, etc. Factors such as how many Nobel prizes the faculty are often irrelevant, particularly if undergraduates never have any opportunity to work with or learn from those professors.

    So once you decide on what factors are most important to you in your education, you can start exploring different options. Sometimes though, you have to start exploring those options before you know what's really important.
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