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Help looking for short presential engineering open courses

  1. Jun 18, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone knew about presencial open programs/courses/events/certifications available to engineering students in general, preferably in the areas of mechatronics (controls, electronics) or aerospace engineering.

    I'm an engineering (undergrad) student from Mexicali, Mexico, and I recently won a scholarship from a well known company, mainly focused in academic investments, like studies-related travels.

    I wanted to take advantage of it, but I am having trouble finding available open courses, events or programs, that preferably take few days (in order for not missing a lot of class days here at my hometown university). It would be perfect if it aligns with winter vacations.

    Something like Stanford's summer open programs would be perfect; however, I'm also looking for other posibilities.

    Thanks in advance to everyone, and have a good day.
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    What do you mean by "presencial"? I find the translation of "eyewitness" but that doesn't translate well in this context. Do you mean on-line video courses?
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    Presencial means classroom. Unfortunately programs which are this short-running are pretty rare at least in the US.
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