What is Scholarship: Definition and 62 Discussions

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education at a private elementary or secondary school, or a private or public post-secondary college, university, or other academic institution. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, such as academic merit, diversity and inclusion, athletic skill, financial need, among others. Or some combination of these criteria. Scholarship criteria usually reflect the values and goals of the donor or founder of the award. While scholarship recipients are not required to repay scholarships, the awards may require that the recipient continue to meet certain requirements during their period of support, such maintaining a minimum grade point average or engaging in a certain activity (e.g., playing on a school sports team for athletic scholarship holders, or serving as a teaching assistant for some graduate scholarships). Scholarships may provide a monetary award, an in-kind award (e.g., waiving of tuition fees or fees for housing in a dormitory), or a combination.
Some prestigious, highly competitive scholarships are well-known even outside the academic community, such as Fulbright Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship.
This article primarily addresses post-secondary scholarships in the United States of America and other countries

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  1. R

    Physics Does a datascience job help in applying for PhD or physics scholarship

    I have a math degree and currently pursuing a BS in physics, I've been offered a job as a data scientist with occasional machine learning stuff. 1) Would this be helpful for my career in physics? If yes then how? (I'm aware that machine learning is being used in various areas of physics, but...
  2. MevsEinstein

    Admissions Ideas on Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship

    Hello Physics Forums! There is a scholarship for gifted children under the age of 18 provided by Davidson Institute. What you need to do is write a research paper on a topic and then judges decide if the submitter should get a 50k scholarship, 25k scholarship, 10k scholarship, honorable...
  3. A

    Admissions Applying for a PhD scholarship

    Hello, I want to apply for a scholarship in a university abroad to complete my PhD studies there. One of the requirements of the scholarship is to secure a supervisor who is willing to guide me through the PhD program. A second requirement is to discuss with my prospective supervisor a PhD...
  4. Purpleshinyrock

    Scholarship exam exercise about complex numbers - Can't solve

    Hello, I have this (I am solving scholarship exams)math problem and I don't quite know what to do with it , Could You please help? The exercise is about complex numbers and it says: Calculate in the algebraic form(a+bi) I thought on applying substitution since -1=i^2 and z is the real part but...
  5. R

    Mechanics Problem from MEXT scholarship 2007

    <Moderator's note: User has been warned to show some effort.> 1. Homework Statement Here this is a problem that I get troubled from MEXT scholarship examination. And the problem is Homework Equations F = mg Fx = cosa Fy = sina The Attempt at a Solution Is anyone can help me to solve the...
  6. R

    Max. Scholarship gained by student for in MSC in USA

    GRE EXAM for admission in postgraduation in physics in USA is of 340 marks. If one scores 330/340 then how much maximum scholarship could he get for masters in a good USA university for physics, he has done research work too? And would he also get reduction in accommodation and mess fees, if...
  7. Stephenk53

    Other Will I have trouble keeping my scholarship?

    I plan on attending Merrimack college, and I got a scholarship for $20,000 a year that requires me to get at least an average of an A-, however in school I usually get A+s on everything except in English I usually get An A. And most of the courses I have taken were CP, and I got those grades...
  8. nico nico nii

    Admissions Has anyone taken Japan's MEXT scholarship here?

    I'm interested in studying mechatronics engineering in Japan, so I googled for some scholarships and as of now I haven't found satisfactory info about the MEXT (Japanese government) scholarships. Has anyone ever took or even succeded to get this scholarship? I'd really love to know more about...
  9. Alejandro Ramos

    Studying Got accepted for MEXT scholarship, and I need some advice

    Hello, my name is Alejandro. And I posted here a long time ago asking for some help in preparing for MEXT scholarship exams, and you guys helped me so much and I am really thankful. I am happy to inform that I have been the only one who cleared those exams out of the 40 or so applicants in my...
  10. Luis Obis

    Programs Choosing a Master's degree in Physics

    I am a physics student from Spain and hopefully I will be finishing my degree in physics (4y) by next June. I am trying to decide on a Master's program to study but I am finding very difficult to decide since there are so many oportunities and so diverse specially when looking for programs...
  11. M

    Studying MS Physics scholarship question

    hello , Can i have any scholarships for master for physics? for one had graduated from agriculure college.. if i passed the Gre test -physics by high degree? is that pssible? or i had to be graduated from the science coolege-physics?
  12. R

    Schools Difference between bursary, scholarship and fellowship

    The title itself describes my query. Also, is a fellowship more prestigious than a scholarship which in turn is more prestigious than a bursary?
  13. Alejandro Ramos

    Admissions Applying for a scholarship, I'd appreciate some help

    Hello, my name is Ale. First of all I'm really sorry to be a bother to you. I am applying for the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship this year, It's a full-paid scholarship that allows you to do your undergrad in Japan. I'm applying for this because I'm from Paraguay, and I want to become an...
  14. Bcsantos

    International Student- Can I get a scholarship for masters?

    Hello Everyone, I am a 3r year physics student, and I am finishing my undergrad in Brazil. But I want to go to Canada to do my masters. However, I need a scholarship which covers my fees and basics needs, otherwise I cannot afford on my own. My options are: University of Waterloo, Perimeter...
  15. D

    Should I apply for this Scholarship?

    I am considered a female majoring in the STEM field (Information Technology) and there is a scholarship being offered at the college I attend for females pursuing an engineering major. Now I met the gender and academic standing requirement but I am not specifically an ENGINEERING major. I...
  16. M

    Help looking for short presential engineering open courses

    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone knew about presencial open programs/courses/events/certifications available to engineering students in general, preferably in the areas of mechatronics (controls, electronics) or aerospace engineering. I'm an engineering (undergrad) student from Mexicali...
  17. D

    Mext Scholarship: Get Help Preparing for Physics Exam

    This year I am triyng to obtain the mext scholarship. One of the requeriments is going truth a lot of exams, one of them is the physics one, when i saw the previous test , i realized that with my current knowledge i can not even get a 30/100. In my country most of the subjects on the test are...
  18. Meron

    Scholarship to Canada for Class 12 CBSE Student - Physics

    I'm a class 12 student in a CBSE school. I'm interested in pursuing a bachelor's in physics in Canada. I'm not very rich, and I can't afford the fees for the course. Can someone provide me with information regarding application and eligibility to get a scholarship to Canada?
  19. Meron

    Bsc Physics Scholarship for Class 12 Students

    I'm a class 12 student. I'm interested in physics and would like to pursue a higher education in it. Since my parents are poor, I won't be able to afford an expensive college. Can someone tell me of good scholarships? Also, can you tell me a way in which I would get allowances ?
  20. Meron

    Can someone help me find a good scholarship for B.Sc phy?

    I'm in my senior year in a CBSE curriculum school. I would like some help with college admissions, since my school doesn't offer any. I want to become a physicist when I grow up. Can someone also tell me the minimum marks I need to get in my finals to go to a good uni?
  21. metapuff

    Goldwater Scholarship: Applying as a Sophomore - Any Advice?

    What do you guys know about the Goldwater scholarship, in terms of competitiveness, past winners, etc? I thought I'd give it a shot this year and apply. I'm a Sophomore, have perfect grades, and have a lead author paper under review right now, so I thought I'd have a decent shot at it, although...
  22. ShayanJ

    Schools How to get scholarship from a leading university?

    I'm thinking about going abroad for my graduate school. I'm not sure about this and just trying to see whether it is a plausible plan for me or not. So I need some help. I'm pretty good in English. But that's the only foreign language I know. So can I say only England and US are my options? I'm...
  23. J

    Engineering Back to engineering after a 5-year scholarship bond in fund management?

    Hi all, This forum has been a great resource for me for quite some time, but this is my first time posting a thread. A fund management company is willing to sponsor my undergraduate studies in engineering at a top university. The 'catch' is I have to work 5 years for them after I graduate...
  24. N

    Rutgers Physics Major in Need of Scholarship Advice

    (This paragraph is not necessary to read) Background: I am a physics major and I just got accepted to Rutgers University in Brunswick today. I only applied three weeks ago because it was a last minute decision not to continue to finish my community college associates. To clarify, I wouldn't have...
  25. Z

    Admissions Entry to MIT and getting scholarship.

    I am a student from India , and i wish to study at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). I am 12th passed , from CBSE board. Also because of my economical conditions i would need some scholarship to study there ... what should i do ... please help...
  26. J

    Scholarships for NC A&T ME with Aerospace Option

    What are some legitimate websites for searching for scholarships. I want to major in ME with and aerospace option at NC A&T.
  27. L

    Admissions Help me to find an admission with scholarship ,please

    help me to find an admission with scholarship ,please :( Hello guys , i hope you are well while you are reading this topic , Im a graduated student with bachelor's degree in Physics with high GPA (3.6 out of 4 ) and I am looking for a scholarship to study Msc in the medical physics field ...
  28. M

    Linear Algebra scholarship exam

    Homework Statement This is one of the three linear algebra scholarship questions given by my university last year. I've solved the other two, but this one is posing a bit of a problem. Question 1 on the file. Given that for a nxn matrix A both matricies A and A-1 have integer entries...
  29. C

    SMART Scholarship Program: Learn About the Dept. of Defense Sponsorship

    Hey has anyone ever been through the SMART scholarship program, Department of Defense. I will be applying for next year so that my GPA will be higher. I want to have to best resume possible and I am curious at what they look for and what summer internship is like once in the program. I am...
  30. A

    Schools List of Full Scholarship Universities for Sci/Eng

    This is a list of schools with (some type of) full scholarship programs that offer majors in science and engineering. The programs vary from school to school, so see the individual school for the details. I'm sure this list isn't complete. These are just the schools I've come across from a...
  31. D

    Studying Scholarship Opportunities for studying abroad?

    Hi all! I hope this is the right place to post this. I am trying to do a study abroad in Great Britain this spring, but none of my home institution scholarships transfer over, meaning I will have to pay a pretty hefty sum. I'm trying to find some scholarships specifically for studying...
  32. D

    Job Skills Declined Scholarship in Resume

    At the start of the year i applied for three university scholarships, all of which were awarded based on academic merit, the submission of an essay and an interview. I recently received a phone call from the university informing me that i was selected for all three scholarships, however because...
  33. N

    Please guide me find out a postgraduate scholarship in Phys.

    Please guide me to find out a Scholarship on QTF Theory in USA.I intend to make the Thesis on the Replacing the asymptotic perturbative QTF theory(Feymann diagrams) by a Non-asymptotic QTF theory. Thank you very much in advanced. Francis Xavier Nguyen Dung. Vinh Diocese,Vietnam(country)
  34. G

    Texas group launches scholarship exclusively for white males

    Honestly, its about time. Not to sound racist or anything, but I'm white and grew up poor. My parents didn't have money to send me to college. As a 'white' kid I was never eligible for most of the special types of loans/grants/scholarships that minority's are. I'm glad to see one established for...
  35. X

    Applied for the SMART scholarship

    So, I've applied for the SMART scholarship (DoD), the SULI program (DoE), Johns Hopkins APL, and now I want to apply to a few REUs (NSF). But, I have a couple questions: 1. Are there any REU's that do not require letters of recommendation? 2. Is it inadvisable to ask a professor to write a...
  36. S

    Scholarship Essays: Get Insight into What Committees Look For

    Just a quick question. I have some essays to write for this scholarship and I just wanted to maybe get some insight into what committees often look for. I have 3 of the five written so far, and I really just tried to be genuine and personable. Is this a wise route or should I go more strict...
  37. C

    Freshman Year Update/ Smart Scholarship

    I'm only about a month into freshman year at college, but everything has been going great so far. I resurrected SPS at my school and am about to start some research with my professor on scientific reasoning and optics, which will hopefully get published when we finish. My classes are going good...
  38. E

    Physics in morocco under government scholarship

    my name is ebrima from the gambia. i am in morocco under government scholarship. i already studied french for a year now and i just started my engineering cours wheareas i have to do maths and physics for 3 semesters then the last threee semesters I've to specialise on the site i want to study...
  39. E

    Didn't receive scholarship, notify references

    I have a yes or no question for you guys. I was recently notified that I did not receive a scholarship. Is it proper form to let my reference writers know that I did not receive the award? I did send thank you emails back in January when the application was submitted. I suppose I'm hesitant...
  40. W

    Questbridge scholarship program question

    My son is applying to the Questbridge Scholarship prep / National College Match program. His intention is to major in physics and finding the best science program possible is very important to him. There are 27 partner colleges involved in the Questbridge program, and I wonder if any of you...
  41. S

    Scholarship from a place like Harvard

    I haven’t been the best of students in school. When I say that I mean I have really bad grades my GPA is a bought a 62 now. I have recently be studying theoretical physics and astrophysics lately and I have found that it is something I want to do. I have taken IQ tests that consistently score me...
  42. T

    Importance of getting a scholarship?

    It seems that most people are not worried about getting an undergraduate scholarship but desparately want a scholarship to do their research degrees. Why?
  43. D

    Scholarship Interview Tips: Advice for Dan

    At the end of last year i applied for a scholarship provided by a fairly large oil and gas engineering firm. I just recently received a phone call informing me that i have been shortlisted and they want an interview with me. The scholarship provides an annual stipend that will pay for most of...
  44. hagopbul

    Eligible for GRE Scholarship with 90% Score in Physics

    hello all i have a Q i got a 90% in the GRE physics would i be eligible for a scholarship for master degree PS : i got C in university
  45. R

    Programs Change Majors, Lose Scholarship?

    I have been accepted to University of my choosing to study Computer Engineering. However, since I applied I've already discovered in no way, shape, or form, do I wish to study computers at the college level. I'm much more interested in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics, and wish...
  46. L

    Schools Scholarship money to particular college

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew a site that tells the average/average expectations for someone to receive scholarship money based on academics at a particular school. I applied for a school that i really think I want to go to, but unfortunately, the letter of acceptance/financial aid...
  47. J

    Japanese Government Scholarships: Opportunities for Uzbek Students

    Hello, I am from Uzbekistan Is there anyone knowing about Japanese government's scholarship information. I used to spend some time in Japan as an exchange student, now I'd like to go back if possible
  48. E

    Admissions Can I Overcome a Bad Undergrad GPA and Get into a US PhD Program in Physics?

    Hi All, I had really bad GPA when I did my undergraduate degree in Mathematics India, except for one Physics course that I did and did very well at. I won't bore anyone with the details, but it was basically because I just felt unmotivated. Now I am older by 10 years, somewhat wiser and...
  49. T

    What Are the Real-World Benefits of Completing the NROTC Engineering Program?

    I was wondering if anyone here has had any involvement in the NROTC scholarship application process or training program? I am nearly finished with my application and close to submitting it, and wanted to know if anyone else has had experience in it (whether good or bad, I'm looking for...
  50. G

    Scholarship given by Germany for the foreign students

    I would like to inform me by any scholarship given by Germany for the foreign students for Ph.D. studies in Chemistry Fields. Thanks alot!