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Help: maximum force of an object when given impulse and time on a graph

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    I need help finding the maximum force of an object from an impulse graph. The graph of the force vs time gives me up to 10 seconds and the problem tells me that the impulse is 6.0 N*s. the line of the graph starts at (0,0), rises with a constant slope and peaks at 6 seconds. From there it falls back to 0 force at 8 seconds. The line then continues at 0 on the y-axis but the the x-axis passes 10 secs. My first thought in finding the area of the region under the line was to do (1/2)bh. So I did (1/2)8h=6.0 and when i solved for h got 3/2. That came out to be wrong so then i tried changing the base to 10 because although the line reached 0 at 8 seconds it continued moving horizontally to 10 secs and I wasn't sure if that made a difference or not. So I did (1/2)10h=6 and got 6/5 and that was still wrong. So now I'm stumped because every time I look up how to find impulse it tells me that do the area and since I worked backwards I thought I had done it right but I guess I didn't. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?
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    Is the slope still a constant during the fall between 6s-8s?
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