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Help me choose 8 out of these 14 courses please...

  1. Oct 18, 2015 #1
    Hi! I'm just beginning my MSEE program and am planning to do a mix of the "Sensing and Information" track as well as the "Signal Processing and Communications" track at my university. I've narrowed my course possibilities down to 14 courses, but I'll only be able to take 8 or 9 of them. I don't have much knowledge of industry demand, outlook, salaries, etc. beyond what I'm able to google, and I know that these things can be region specific, but I'm hoping someone can give me a general sense of what course knowledge may be higher/lower in demand as well as what specializations pay better than others.

    So which of these would you take?

    EC505 Stochastic Processes
    EC504 Advanced Data Structures
    EC535 Introduction to Embedded Systems
    EC508 Wireless Communication
    EC521 Cybersecurity w/ Intro to Networking co-req
    EC544 Networking the Physical World
    EC541 Computer Communication Networks
    EC516 Digital Signal Processing
    EC571 Digital VLSI Circuit Design
    EC513 Computer Architecture
    EC517 Introduction to Information Theory
    EC520 Digital Image Processing and Communication
    EC519 Speech Processing by Humans and Machines
    EC561 Error Control Codes

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Bear it mind that you need to consider not only future job prospects, but also which areas are more interesting/motivating for you.
    If it were me I think I would include 504,513,517 and 519
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    take classes you enjoy. don't pick a specialization based on what has a better job outlook or better pay.
  5. Oct 23, 2015 #4
    Recent conversation with my advisor went like this:

    Me: So I'm interested in a lot of areas and don't know what to specialize in
    Advisor: Just do whatever appeals to you
    Me: Ok, well I liked electronics and computer architecture, so I'm thinking about VLSI
    Advisor: Oh, don't do that. Anything but that.
    Me: ...

    So while I hear you that I need to take classes I enjoy, I also don't want to go into a dead-end field. I need to pay back all these student loans at some point. o0)
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