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Help me out! *About AP Physics in High School*

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    Okay so I really, really liked Physics pre-ap last year. We had a great teacher, and I understood everything. Fast forward a year later, and that teacher left, and the new AP teacher is okay. He's a great guy, but I can't really grasp the way he teaches. Last year I was in AP Chem, and hated how my teacher taught, basically we had to learn everything on our own, which is extremely difficult for me to do at this point in time.

    I absolutely love Calculus and I love the subject of Physics. In Physics, I pretty much understand most of the material, etc..and do good on the tests, but we get AP problem packets sometime, from old AP tests.. The packets are owning me! I'm looking at one right now, and I've only done 1 out of the 5, and I just can't get it

    I hated every moment last year in AP Chem, and I don't want physics to turn out that way too. I am wondering if I should drop it... :/ Advice?
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    It sounds to me like you're considering dropping it because you're finding it to be a challenge. That's a bad habit to get into - especially if you really enjoy physics.

    Have you tried talking to this teacher about his or her teaching style, or identifying what it is about the way that the previous teacher did things that the new one could improve on? Teachers should be open to feedback about the way they're doing things.
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