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Computer Science Degree w/out Probability & Statistics Required

  1. Sep 25, 2014 #1
    Could I get hired with a B.S. in Computer Science degree that doesn't require any calculus based probability or statistics courses? It requires through Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra but no other mathematics courses besides Discrete Math. Here is the core of the program besides the math:

    Programming Fundamentals (Python)

    Programming with Objects (Java)

    Introduction to Data Structures

    Computer Organization and Architecture

    Database Management Systems

    Algorithms and Data Structures

    Organization of Programming Languages

    Object Oriented Design and Implementation

    Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

    Networks and Security

    Operating Systems

    Software Engineering and Capstone Project

    Can I get a job and work without knowing probability or statistics or will I be required to learn it on my own?
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    If you're that concerned about covering probability and statistics, why not take it as an elective?

    To answer the question, I'm sure that the hiring requirements will be position-specific. It might be worth spending some time researching the positions available right now and reviewing the requirements and asking if you feel you would qualify given this program that you're contemplating.
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