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Help Needed with basic Beam & Structural Calculations

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    Hello, My name is Molly.
    I am looking for help with Basic Engineering Calculations and how to understand them. This is not homework and certainly not for anything dangerous or anything I am building. I simply have developed a fascination for the subject and a strong desire to understand the basics. I'm particularly interested in supported Beam Calculations, how to find the Moments, the Factor of Safety ...etc etc.
    Any help would greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Molly,

    There are two approaches to learning about the design of beams and a number of references can be found by doing web searches for "deflection of beams", "stress analysis of beams", "design of beams" or "building codes for beam structures" and under these titles there will be generally three types of references.

    One is the theoretical approach which addresses all of the elements of the effects of loads on beams such as the below; and, these can be difficult to follow without taking an educational course in general stress analysis.


    The second is references for the equations that have already been developed upon the theories of beam design such are presented in the below.


    The third is how these calculations are applied in the construction of buildings; and, once again these become more difficult because they are related to specific applications of beams and what safety factors are used; and they are generally determined by "building codes" published by civil and governmental bodies for specific types of buildings in the regions of their responsibility.
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