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Help to find articles with new concepts about Gravity

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    I read many articles here about gravity but I can’t find the following specific subject: I need a help to find in this site or any other place, studies or experiments comparing the “virtual gravity” (1G acceleration inside of a spaceship for example) with 1G gravity perceived in the earth. Any approaches considering that ordinary matter to exist need to consume/transform the space causing the space acceleration or gravity.
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    Doug Huffman

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    I believe that your desire falls under the general heading of Equivalence Principle.
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    Thank you I found what I was looking for under topic Equivalence principle in wikipedia and also took the opportunity to review the lessons on basic principles of physics.
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    The gravitational attraction don't show as a force, since it is independent of the object's mass its acceleration, but acts as if the space were a rolling mat bringing all objects at the same speed to the center of attraction. It is like if regular matter to exist consume the space bringing all matter to stay together.
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