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Help to Locate Missing Singaporean in Athens, Greece

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    A friend of mine has gone missing in Greece for days, there's nothing much we can do right now, but hopefully this gets to more people who might be able to help in one way or another :frown: He's a 4th year medical student in National University of Singapore. By now he already missed his flight home. Sigh. Here are the information from the https://www.facebook.com/pages/Missing-Singaporean-in-Athens-Greece-Kouk-Leong-Jin/227251480665138?sk=info" [Broken].

    We are in search of a Singaporean Chinese man named Kouk Leong Jin who has went to Greece for a conference. He has not been contactable since Tuesday night, including no return to his hotel, no phone call and even missing the conference itself.


    26 Sep Monday - Leong Jin arrived in Athens, Greece and did inform wife via email that he has reached. He checks into Golden Age Hotel.

    27Sep Tuesday - Leong Jin called his friend, who was supposed to meet him at the conference on Wednesday. I think the friend missed his call. It was checked from telco that he surfed the net on his phone at around 10+pm (Athen's time) on Tuesday night.

    28 Sep Wednesday - Wife managed to contact hotel and hotel informed that his last access is on Tuesday night. Leong Jin was not seen by his friend who was waiting to meet him at the conference.

    29 Sep Thursday - Leong Jin's brother contacted MFA in the evening.

    30 Sep Friday - Wife contacted Starhub and made police report as suggested by MFA. Friend in Athens managed to enter Leong Jin's hotel room with hotel manager. He was not in the room. His mobile charger is in the room. MFA, local embassy and police in Athens has been activated to track him.

    Additional things done:

    Credit card activity and hospital has been checked.
    Telco in Athens (Cosmote) is contacted to ask for last known location of his phone.
    Mentor Dr Tan Thiam Chye has been informed.
    Duke NUS has been informed.

    Flight details (Thai Airways):
    25 Sep 2011
    SIN - BKK (TG410) : 2050 to 2210
    BKK - ATH (TG946) : 0035 to 0725 (+1 day)

    1 Oct 2011
    ATH - BKK (TG947) : 1615 to 0605
    BKK - SIN (TG403) : 0800 to 1115 (+1 day)

    Name of Conference:
    9th International Scientific Meeting of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - Joint Meeting with the Hellenic Obstetric & Gynaecological Society

    Venue of Conference: Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
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    So sorry to hear about your friend, I hope for the best.
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    Any updates on this?
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