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Help Understanding Circular Motion

  1. Mar 27, 2008 #1
    Hi there,

    New to the forums, but have been periodically browsing posts as a guest. Anyways, I'm having trouble understanding and solving circular motion problems, but not finding angular velocities and what not, more so with respect to Newton's laws (forces). Such problems like uniform and non-uniform circular motion.

    Is there a website that I could be directed to to learn more about these types of problems or possible advice from one of the members?

    I understand how circular motion problems work, but I don't get how to set them up. My professor said something of summing the forces in the Z-direction and in the radial direction. I want to have some basic understanding of what he was saying before seeing him.
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    How about this chapter on circular motion from a book at lightandmatter.com - free science ebooks:

    http://www.lightandmatter.com/html_books/1np/ch09/ch09.html [Broken]
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    Hey, i'm rather new to the forums as well. From what i've seen, almost everyone goes to wikipedia. Try there.
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    At the elementary level, I would recommend using https://www.physicsforums.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1665022" [Broken].

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    Doc Al

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    I second ZapperZ's endorsement of the hyperphysics site. It's professional and reliable; for elementary stuff, it's always my first choice as a reference.

    But if you're looking for an alternative to your own textbook, I also recommend the "lightandmatter" site that mikelepore gave. Ben Crowell has written an excellent set of physics textbooks which he makes available for free.
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