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Help with a software to develop application

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    I want to develop an application. For this purpose I found a site that deals with this kind of topic. Information is given about a software called (link and name deleted) have you heard about it? There are samples proiveded but they are in C# and I am not familiar with that programming language. Could you please tell me a way how should I start the development?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Name and link are not helpful. You have to explain what kind of application you want to write, and what language you want to use.

    That is assuming you are really looking for help and not just spamming forum with a link.
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    Learning C# would be a good place to start if that's the language you are going to use.
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    Hey Sceptical492 and welcome to the forums.

    The first thing is that since you probably haven't done much software development, you will have to keep your projects simple. You can always do later development that builds on your previous work, but when you start out, keep the tasks simple.

    It's also a good idea if your project is complicated, to use freely available code as a basis for learning and extension unless you end up wanting to make your code commercially available in which you will have to either purchase the rights to other code or develop everything from scratch.
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    I don't know...I tend to be with Borek on this one...I think the OP is just plugging.

    Until Sceptical comes back and posts again reassuring us of his/her position, I wouldn't bother with this thread.
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