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I Help With Black Board EQ's in a P.A.M. Dirac Lecture

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    My professor assigned us to watch the Dirac videos on Youtube:

    The video is extremely poor quality. Dirac does speak the equations as he is writing them, so I have been able to catch many of them. I am wondering if a team effort at trying to decipher these would be a worthy effort for all of us to be able to enjoy these gems. If we can come up with all the equations and post a link to a LaTeX version for all to view. I am having an issue with what he wrote about the De Broglie relation at 29 minutes in the first video. There may be more to follow. I would like to post what I have here after I get the the first video, and see if everyone agrees on what he wrote.

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    Looks like someone transcribed it already. Thanks for that tip -- very cool.

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