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Board International S.A. is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software vendor known for its Board toolkit. The company is headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, where it was founded in 1994, and Boston (MA).
While its core markets are still located in Europe, Board International has been expanding globally and now operates in 19 countries worldwide. It has a total of over 3,000 customers from a number of different industries, including large multinational corporations such as ABB, Best Western, GlaxoSmithKline, NEC, and Puma.

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  1. leVanw

    I found this circuit board in an old toy car. What does it do?

    I found this circuit board in an old toy car. Does anyone know what it is for and how to use it?
  2. phyzguy

    Recognize these inrush current limiting devices?

    I have a circuit board, and one of these inrush current limiting devices (yellow arrows) has failed. Does anyone recognize them? Failing that, does anyone recognize the logo that looks like a letter V and an upside down V superimposed? I have searched in several places, but have been unable...
  3. link223

    Max amplitude of a diving board that will not toss a pebble off?

    How am I supposed to solve this problem? I did it in a way that's analytically not correct at all lol.. As a first I was thinking about how to relate it to the motion equations to no avail.. (of course with having the condition that normal force board on pebble = force of gravity on pebble)...
  4. dom_quixote

    I Atomic Clock Exp on Ballistic Flight: Proving Clocks are Accelerometers

    In the past, scientists have experimented with atomic clocks aboard airplanes in order to prove the Special Theory of Relativity. In our humble opinion, ALL watches are accelerometers. Effect observed in a chaotic pendulum in free fall: Too bad they didn't do the same experiment with an...
  5. W

    Construction How to cut a board so that it can be bent spherically?

    Example of normal application: What i'd like to achieve: More information: Wedi board serration either straight or angled depending on radii wanted. It's also possible to serrate outwards to achieve radii less than 200mm (example from ThermaSheet) Any ideas on how to do this?
  6. R

    Is ΔUL equal to ΔUR in this case?

    Hello, thanks for the attention. Well, knowing that the only acting force is the gravitational force, I stated that ##U=-MgH## for the ##M## mass block and that ##U=mgh## for the ##m## mass block. After that I divide the two and got the relationship for the alternative "a". For alternative "b" I...
  7. greg_rack

    What STEM project can I do to fascinate an examination board?

    Hi guys, I'm currently attending my last year of high school in Italy and recently got admitted to Imperial College London, for the aeronautical engineering course. Part of the uni conditional offer consists in getting a 100/100 score at the final high-school assessment(diploma), which in spite...
  8. H

    Magnetic levitation board not working

    Hi. I'm designing a magnetic levitation board based on schematics attached herewith. However it does not levitate the magnet. Plz note Q1 is P channel MOSFET. Also note that I used coil L1 as X1 & X2 and coil L2 as Y1 & Y2. Where Xs and Ys represents horizontal & vertical directions...
  9. trenton420l

    Lifting with Air: A Compact Board for the Future

    I want the board to use air to lift itself of with the coanda effect which is when air sticks at the bottom of somthing and proppels it upwards along with specially designed heliblades.l and I want somthing to cover tge blades and make it safe and I want it be compact like back invite future or...
  10. M

    Why Is Angular Momentum Not Conserved When a Cylinder Moves on a Stopping Board?

    I've been trying to solve it mainly through conservation of momentum and angular momentum, appareantly it's not correct. My idea was: I, Moment of inertia = 0.5*m*r^2 L1, initial angular momentum = I * v/r After a board stops, the change in it's momentum is M*v, so the impulse of torque on the...
  11. Wrichik Basu

    Electronics How to test whether the circuit board in a UPS still works?

    This UPS has been lying in the house for around seven years. We detached it from our desktop when it failed to provide backup. Six years back, I opened it up and found a swollen battery. At that point of time, I did not have any testing equipment, nor did I have any knowledge of electronics. So...
  12. archaic

    Static equilibrium and a diving board

    I take the left end as reference for torques: $$\sum\tau=F_\text{support}+\frac 32\times280+3\times500=0\Leftrightarrow F_\text{support}=-192.\times10^1\,N$$ It's facing up. I take the right end as reference for torques: $$\sum\tau=-192.\times10^1\times2+\frac 32\times280+3F=0\Leftrightarrow...
  13. A

    What is the Role of Science in My Life as a Chemical Engineering Student?

    My name's Alireza. I'm a student of chemical engineering and I like science. I watch movies and read books in my free time!
  14. T

    I really , please -- Deflection of a diving board

    Here my problem: A diving board has a vertical depression of 6 inches when a 100-pound man stands 8 feet from the fulcrum. Determine the weight of a man who causes the same diving board to deflect 4 inches vertically when he stands 6 feet from the fulcrum. Show your reasoning and complete solution.
  15. K

    Question about power extension board

    I have a home appliance that should be plugged into one single wall socket because it's energy consuming, and shouldn't share with other appliances by common sense. However, due to some practical problems, I can't plug it directly into the wall socket. If I use a power extension board (i.e...
  16. J

    Diving Board Torque with No Mass Given For the Diver

    The board is 4m and has 2 supports: support 1 exerts 5400N and support 2 exerts 6000N before the diver performs the dive. Neglecting the mass of the board, what is the force on the board due to the weight of the diver? My attempt at this question: FS2 - FS1 = 6000 - 5400 = 600N But I'm having...
  17. S

    How Do Forces Distribute on a Board Supported at Two Points?

    Homework Statement A homogeneous board weighing 60 kgf lies on two supports as shown. Find the forces acting on the supports. Homework Equations $$\frac{F_A}{F_B} = \frac{OB}{OA}$$ where ##F_A## is the force acting on the support on the left, ##F_B## is the force acting on the support on...
  18. Manny46

    What happens with the puck in a non inertial board?

    I'm not being extremely exact here, but suppose there's a puck in a board where there's very little friction. Both puck and board are at rest. Suppose the board starts from rest to some decent speed, so there's definitely this acceleration, by virtue of which (and also less friction), puck...
  19. M

    Tension in two ropes holding a board

    Homework Statement A 12m long board weighing 4kg is suspended by ropes on each end. 3m from the left side a painter is standing, closer to the first rope. Find the tension in both ropes. If the painter were to get off of the board, and the second rope snapped immediately after, find the...
  20. J

    Cylinder rolling on a moving board

    Homework Statement A rectangular board laying on the ground of mass ##M## is pulled with a force ##F## to the right, while a cylinder of mass ##m##, radius ##R## rolls without slipping on the board. Assume there is no friction between the board and the floor. Which way does the cylinder roll...
  21. DracoMalfoy

    Shear modulus, finding length of board

    Homework Statement A diver stands (80kg) at the end of a diving board, causing the board to dip 10cm. The board has a width of 34cm and a height of 6cm. If the shear modulus of the board is 2x10^6pa, what is the length of the board? (Ans: 5.2m) Homework Equations [/B] F/A=S⋅Δx/h The...
  22. mfb

    News Soyuz launch failure with crew on board (crew is fine)

    A Soyuz flight that was supposed to launch two astronauts to the ISS had a booster failure (half an hour before this post). The Soyuz capsule separated from the rocket and landed, the crew is fine. Rescue teams got to them quickly. While they had to endure higher g-forces than usual they seem to...
  23. S

    How Do You Balance Objects on a Uniform Board to Maintain Equilibrium?

    frfr1. Homework Statement A 15 kg uniform wooden board of length L is balanced at its center. A 6 kg object is to be placed on the right end. How far from the balance point must a 9 kg object be placed to keep the board in equilibrium? Homework Equations ##m_1d_1 = m_2d_2## The Attempt at a...
  24. N

    On board a laser powered solar sail

    Can an on board laser be used to propel a solar sail spacecraft if the laser is pointed at the sails ? Would Newtons third law affect the laser and maybe prevent the ship from moving ? Thank you for answering my very ignorant questions. NineNinjas911
  25. G

    Identifying a board component out of Clare A433

    This board is out of an appliance test station (Clare A433). The unit tests the Earth circuit, insulation resistance, load current and also has a HV flash probe to check for flashover from live parts to metal casings. The insulation resistance function is faulty - it’s meant to apply 1 kV ac...
  26. T

    Conservation of Angular Momentum: Hopping onto a Board

    Homework Statement A long board is free to slide on a sheet of frictionless ice. A skater skates to the board (laid horizontally relative to the skater's motion) and hops onto one end, causing the board to slide an rotate. In this situation, are angular and linear momentum conserved...
  27. T

    Solving a Mathematical Puzzle: Ways to Fill an Odiosis Board

    Hi, First of all, I'm not sure what section to put this in, so if this is in the wrong section, please accept my most sincere apologies. I'm trying to solve this puzzle I've come against, and I'm not quite sure what the best way to go about it is. Here's the question. So, it seems to me...
  28. G

    Weird circuit board with only resistors

    Found this. What could it be? So many resistors and nothing else?
  29. Greg Bernhardt

    Favorite Board Games: Family Fun with Dominos, Settlers of Catan, Risk & More

    When I think of holidays I think of "board" games. My family always plays one after dinner. Lately we play a lot of dominos, but for board games we like Settlers of Catan, Risk, Sorry and the classic Trival Pursuit. What are you go to board games? I'm hoping to get Dead of Winter and King of...
  30. C

    MHB Find Tension and mass of painting equipment on scuffle board.

    A uniform 41.0 kg scaffold of length 5.8 m is supported by two light cables, as shown below. A 78.0 kg painter stands 1.0 m from the left end of the scaffold, and his painting equipment is 1.6 m from the right end. If the tension in the left cable is twice that in the right cable, find the...
  31. T

    Chess board probability

    Homework Statement 2 squares are chosen at random from a chess board.What is the chance that these 2 squares will share exactly 1 corner? Homework Equations P=favourable possibilities/Total possibilities The Attempt at a Solution So,the total no of possibilities should be 64C2. Now,for...
  32. ISamson

    What is the Most Preferred Electronics Board Among Users?

    Hello. I was always interested in what is the most preferred electronics board (Arduino, RasPi...) among the people. Let's find out!
  33. ISamson

    Difference between Analog and Digital Pins on my Arduino Board

    I wanted to ask what the difference between analog and digital pins is on my Arduino (or any other board). I have been using both but don't really know what the difference is. Thanks!
  34. A

    A circuit board to charge a LiPo battery?

    Hi guys I'm creating a prop that's probably going to have a 7,4V 5000 mah 45C RC Lipo battery in it, and I'm planning to keep it permanent in the prop with a charge circut to charge it up with usb perhaps. I've thought of using a tp4056 circuit I have laying around and it seems like the...
  35. K

    Board suspended from a ceiling

    Homework Statement This is a more conceptual question so I just need the steps for this. Basically the board is hanging from the ceiling by a spring, with only its bottom corner touching the ground. Near the middle (but not exactly) there is mass hanging off of the board. I need to find out how...
  36. R

    What angle should the board be placed?

    Homework Statement A wooden block with mass of .0507 kg is placed at the midpoint of a 1m long wooden board, where the coefficient of kinetic friction (mk) = .275, at what angle should the board be placed so that the block takes time t = .387 s to slide to the lower end of the board? You may...
  37. The_Inventor

    Circuit Board Design: Basics of Designing a PCB

    My background is in physics so I have a very basic understanding of circuit design. I was just wondering, If someone were to design a printed circuit board (from scratch) how do they know that it will function the way it should? and also how do they know that the printed circuit board will...
  38. J

    Electromagnet for an Arduino board?

    I need to make an electromagnet that would generate a force to lift 1/2-1kg, and would use a current of 100mA, if not possible 200mA would be fine as an Arduino supplies a maximum of 500mA and 5V, and if 1kg is not possible then 1/2Kg would be fine, please help me in my calculation. and which...
  39. E

    Digital Trainer Board: Get Help Now!

    Hi everyone, I have a project for the semester which I have just concluded. We will be testing the board early next week to see if it works and I am expected to explain how the board works, and I don't really know much about it. Can someone please help? I am currently writing a technical report...
  40. L

    I Combinatorics - rooks on a chess board

    Doing my combinatorics homework, I just thought that I've made a mistake. When counting the number of ways to place two black and one white rooks on a chess board, I placed the black rooks on black squares and the white one- on a white square? So I chose C(32,1) for the first took. Is that...
  41. Brendan Staley

    Creating an electromagnetic board for levitation

    I am wondering if it is at all possible to create a magnetic board which is capable of repelling magnets. I am looking up magnetic levitation and would like to make a DIY version at home. Any tips/tricks to make this. Thanks in advance!
  42. T

    Location of ground on a GL 12 Test Board

    I have drawn my circuit in Proteus, and in the simulation it can run, but when i used GL 12 test board to test my circuit, it can't run. And i reallize that i don't know where is the ground in the test board. Can you guy tell me where is the ground ?
  43. kolleamm

    Soldering small pins on IC to a board

    I need some guidance on how to solder those tiny IC pins to their electronics board. I have seen some videos on YouTube where they basically slide the iron across the pins and they all solder perfectly without any bridging between them. How is this possible? Is there a capillary force involved...
  44. K

    Question about a differential mount board pressure sensor

    Hello I have a query regarding how this diffrential pressure sensor works http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/302/MP3V5010-783555.pdf I have used the formula they suggested and I am getting a negative pressure output. I am unable to interpret the reason to such an output, It would be great if someone...

    Analyzing Forces in a Diving Board System

    Homework Statement There is a diving board held up by two pillars A and B, and there is a diver standing on it's edge. What are the directions of the forces exerted at points A and B? Picture Below: Homework Equations F_NET = 0 T_NET =0 The Attempt at a Solution I thought both A and B were...
  46. StevieTNZ

    News EgyptAir plane hijacked with 82 passengers on board

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/78357212/egyptair-plane-hijacked-with-82-passengers-on-board.html Obviously this is a developing situation, and information is scarce. It seems the plane has landed, going by the tweet by @AviationSafety -- "We are investigating reports about a possible...
  47. kq6up

    I Help With Black Board EQ's in a P.A.M. Dirac Lecture

    My professor assigned us to watch the Dirac videos on Youtube: The video is extremely poor quality. Dirac does speak the equations as he is writing them, so I have been able to catch many of them. I am wondering if a team effort at trying to decipher these would be a worthy effort for all...
  48. MathematicalPhysicist

    Texas Nuclear I/O Board 885740 -- What is it used for?

    I read that this I/O board is for WSD scale, what is that? I searched in google for WSD scale got something that got to do with librarians, so I assume that it's off track; so what is its usage?
  49. G

    Number of ways to move the king across chess board

    Homework Statement On how many ways the king can be moved from the bottom left field to the upper right field on the chess board such that such that for every move it is closer to the upper right field? Homework Equations -Combinatorics The Attempt at a Solution I assume it is diagonal path...
  50. J

    Error while accessing board through TTL

    I am trying to access a console with my TTL (cp2102 ) but I am getting following error. What could be wrong? I am trying J4 point for TTL. I am connecting ground to ground, Rx to TX and TX to RX. Only with this combination I am getting the log as posted below. 3.3V is not needed in my case as...