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Help with Buckingham Pi theory on turbine

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    I was wondering if someone is very well into the Buckingham Pi Theory and can assist me in understanding the outcome.
    I have two dimensionless equations and I need to get an understanding on how they were made by the Buckingham Pi theory. The situation is considered for the reynolds number 10^5.
    The two equations are
    upload_2015-9-23_18-18-0.png and upload_2015-9-23_18-18-19.png
    Where T is N*m force, p water densitykg/m^3, w is (rad/s), d is diamater (m)and u is velocity (m/s). The two variables that we are looking at are the relationship between the rotation (rad/s, w) and Force T (n*m)
    Can someone help me understand how these two equations were made I have tried making them with the Buckingham Pi theory. Somehow I never end up with the answer I want.
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    First of all, T is not a force. It is a torque if it has units of N-m.

    Second, newtons (N) are derived units under the SI system.
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