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Help with choosing interesting and useful books

  1. Dec 26, 2012 #1
    I am about to start a second year university course called dynamics and vector calculus and there is not very much (or any information) on good books to help with the course and I was wondering if anybody out there knew of some helpful/interesting books in theses subjects?
    The course syllabus is:
    • Introduction to Dynamics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Newtonian dynamics, Reference frames. Projectiles.
    • Momentum. Variable mass problems. Rocket equation.
    • Simple harmonic motion. Harmonic oscillator. Damped SHM. Forced SHM.
    • Conservation laws. Conservative forces. Conservation of energy and momentum.
    • Central forces. Potential. Angular Momentum. Orbits.
    • Inverse square forces. Gravity. Kepler’s laws.
    • Coupled oscillators. Normal modes. Compound pendulums.

    Vector Calculus
    • Introduction to fields. Equipotentials. Scalar and vector fields.
    • Gradient. Divergence. Curl. Laplacian operator. Vector operator identities.
    • Line integrals, surface integrals, and volume integrals – in Cartesian and curvilinear coordinates.
    • Divergence Theorem. Flux and the continuity equation. Gauss Law.
    • Stokes’ Theorem, Scalar potential. Conservative forces and fields.
    • Poisson’s equation. Vector potential.
    • Curvilinear surfaces. Line, surface, volume elements, div, grad, curl in orthogonal curvilinear
    Thank you
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  3. Dec 27, 2012 #2
    "An elementary treatise on dynamics of a particle and of rigid bodies" by S.L.Loney is good but it is quite "mathematical", also I'm not sure if it is easily available in the market.
    Also try "Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics" by A. Pytel and J. Kiusalaas.
    For vector calculus " div,grad,curl and all that" by H.M.Schey is really good for beginners.
    However since you'll get thousand answers from thousand people, the best way is to ask your course instructor.
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