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Help with classes to get into Quantum Computing

  1. Oct 17, 2014 #1
    Hi I am an undergrad student in an Electrical engineering program and going for my masters and undergrad degree at the same time (special program i am in). I an very interested on the hardware side of quantum computing as to have a future career in this field (eventually will go for a PhD). I was wondering what classes specifically I should be taking to better support this goal. At the moment my masters concentration is in microelectronic devices and systems which mainly focuses on solid state devices/solid state physics and VLSI design along with some core courses which include Linear systems theory (mostly signal processing), probability and stochastic processes and analytical methods for EEs (this includes a lot of linear algebra, Cauchy-Binet and Laplace determinant theorems, system of linear equations; linear transformations, basis and rank; Gaussian elimination; LU and congruent transformations; Gramm-Schmidt; eigenvalues, eigenvectors and similarity transformations; canonical forms; functions of matrices; singular value decomposition; generalized inverses; norm of a matrix; polynomial matrices; matrix differential equations; state space; controllability and observability)

    Due to completing a lot of my prereq college courses in high school it has leaked over to me being able to have a lot of electives in my grad program since I was able to finish core courses for my grad program in my undergrad program. Some of these electives will be going to quantum mechanics courses obviously. My questions are do I have the math background after the above courses and the generic core engineering math curriculum (multivariable calc/differential equations calculus etc.) to understand the physics/engineering in the field i am interested in and if not what math courses should i be looking for to fix that, general courses i should take and should I focus more on computer architecture classes or moreso physics classes.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I feel it was necessary =P and thanks ahead of time for the help!

    Oh and if this is the wrong thread (wasnt sure if it belongs in the quantum thread or the academic guidance thread) please let me know :)
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    No one can answer that question simply because we don't have any idea what the hardware for a practical quantum computer would look like or even what branch of physics it would be based on(solid state, atomic physics, quantum optics etc ). At the moment there are many different competing technologies that can create very basic gates, but they are very, very different and no single person could ever master all of them.

    Hence, at the moment you should focus on understanding the basics.
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