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A Help With Constraining Parameters in Massive Gravity Action

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    I'm trying to reproduce the results of https://arxiv.org/pdf/1205.1613.pdf where the authors determined the best fit values of the parameters (u,B,c3,c4) in the Massive Gravity action (1)

    Using the values they tallied for the best fit parameters as outlined in table I and equations (9), (10), (11) I determined omega lambda, S and Q to be 0.85227,0.0481201,-0.182476 respectively. Using a value of the graviton mass of 2.85*10^-69 kg in table II I calculate u to be 1.16384*10^-23. Using the values of B=.39 c3=2.42 and c4=-2.88 in table II I am unable to obtain using equation (6) the density parameters I calculated above with equation (9), (10) ,(11).This inconsistency make me highly doubt that I am correctly using the BF values to calculate the parameters in the MG action (1). Can anyone of you please help me understand where I am going wrong. Perhaps my value of u is totally off and that is why I'm getting inconsistent results with (6). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Please use LaTeX for describing complicated ideas like this. Makes it vastly easier to follow.

    Two things I suggest:
    1. Check your units. This can help to ensure that you've made your calculations correctly. Online calculators like Google or Wolfram Alpha support calculations with units and know most of the physical constants.
    2. Make sure you're using the other parameters (e.g. ##H_0##) that are given in the paper, not from somewhere else.
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