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Help with finite element program I developed for Diff Eqns

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    I developed finite element program (MFEM) in java for BVP &IVP to compute partial differential equation.
    I am facing one problem and description is as follows
    my problem is on generalized eigenvalue problem generated in wave propagation through rectangular wave guide in TE mode. (Differential equation is scalar Helmholtz equation).

    I am getting correct answer but without specifying Dirichlet boundary condition! (Tangential component of electric field should be zero on boundary element).
    and if i applied boundary condition, getting same answer but field plot is different .
    one thing i used nodal based rectangular element and mesh generated in my own flash program Mmesh.

    please help me to solve above problem.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We probably will need a lot more information to be of help on this question. Can you post some plots that show the output from your program?
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    Dear Berkeman,
    I have attached field plots from my program for TE10(without bc),TE20 (without bc),TE11(without bc) and TM11 (with bc).
    Thanks in advance.

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