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Help with my Physics coursework

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    I have a physics coursework introduction to write and I'm pretty much done except for the part that says you have to give a historical/social context.
    The topic I'm doing is the resistivity of a wire.
    My teacher suggested that there was a building in America that had been wired with a different material (silver) which I could use as context but I can't find it so I'm thinking it doesn't exist :tongue:
    Can anyone help me out with ideas?
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    The Manhattan project (WWII American atomic bomb) used silver (from the federal reserve) for the wiring of the electromagnets because copper was in short supply during the war.

    ps. Naturally they got the silver back afterwards! It's a bit expensive to use for regular wiring.
    Although the wires inside microchips are made with gold
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    Thank you that's exactly what I was looking for!
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    Hi, sorry to bug you, but i am currently doing my courseowrk too, and my teacher told me to do mine on resistivity, but not sure how to conduct the experiment. Should i be measuring the voltage and current, and working out the resistance, to then determine the resistivity?
    How do you do it?
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