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Help With Paper, Interview an EE

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    Hey everyone, I have a paper due for a class and I was wondering if anyone here who is a practicing or who has practiced as an electrical engineer or something related could answer a few questions for me. Also, I will just need to put your name and work history down on my paper. Thanks.

    1)What problems do you encounter as an EE(internal problems-marketing and engineering dont get along, external problems- problems with clients)?

    2)What type of writing and communication you do and how you do it (email, phone, video conferencing,...)

    3)With who do you communicate with and who do you write to?(boss, colleagues, clients)

    4)What documents do you produce (i.e. error reports, proposals and bids, specifications, etc...)?

    any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry, interview threads are no longer allowed on the PF, for privacy reasons. Thread locked.

    If you send me a PM with the questions, I'll try to answer them. Remember, no requests for personal information.
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