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Help with thyristor currents please

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    Hi, I want to use a 2n5062 thyristor as a switch to output a current when the thyristor is on. I have found a data sheet which has values for gate trigger current and holding current (200 microamp and 5 milliamperes) respectively. Am I correct in thinking I must apply at least the gate trigger current value to the gate to get the thyristor to conduct and that for it to conduct, the anode current must be higher than the holding current for the thyristor to remain on when the gate pulse is removed? If the load is represented by a resistor, should this be on the anode side rather than the cathode side?
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    That sounds right.
    You'll find the trigger arrangement is simpler if the load is in the anode. The cathode is then conveniently common to both the load and the gate triggering.
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