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Homework Help: Hershey park/ Physics day Problems

  1. May 15, 2009 #1
    Hershey park/ Physics day Problems- Help plz.

    Hi, I recently went on a trip with my class to hershey park on physics day and we were given this packet (the link is below) to solve problems for bonus points. If anyone could help me out that would be great. I have already done the sidewinder, but some of the other ones are quite hard. Thanks.

    http://www.hersheypark.com/groups/pdf/physics.pdf [Broken]

    Okay for the comet, I have made it this far:

    (Section one)

    a.) For the total energy at the top I calculated EP=m*g*http://www.symbols.com/pics/small/28/2801.gif [Broken]h=1.0*10^2[/URL] Joules

    b.) For the time I got 2.7 seconds
    Velocity= length of the train/time=14.51 m/s
    Ek=.5*m*v^2=37105.9 Joules

    c.) Er=Ep+Ex= 1,037,105.9 Joules

    (section two)

    t=1.6 seconds
    v= train lenght/time= m/s
    Ek=.5*m*v^2= 124,443.9 Joules

    I'm not sure how to figure out some of the second page of Comet ones. Especially how to graph the potential energy.
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    Doc Al

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    Pick a problem, show us your work and where you got stuck, and you'll get plenty of help. (I'll move this to Intro Physics, where such questions belong.)
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