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Hi everybody,this is my first post. So sorry for the possible

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    Hi everybody,
    this is my first post. So sorry for the possible trivial question.
    Can someone explain me what is Y-bjorken?
    And what is the difference with X-bjorken?

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    Re: Y-Bjorken

    Bjorken X is a scaling variable used in deep inelastic scattering..for more info on this experiment see this:

    http://ikpe1101.ikp.kfa-juelich.de/briefbook_part_detectors/node42.html#41 [Broken]

    It gives the momentum fraction carried by an inclusively observed particle. Structure functions are mainly dependent on this variable.
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    Re: Y-Bjorken

    Bjorken discovered what is known as light-cone scaling, (or "Bjorken scaling") a phenomenon in the deep inelastic scattering of light on strongly interacting particles, known as hadrons (such as protons and neutrons)... think that's what you're looking for.
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    Re: Y-Bjorken

    I have a question related to the Bjorken Y-variable which I don't believe has been covered by the link so far. How does one calculate the scattering angle [itex]$\theta$[\latex] from the Bjorken Y variable?
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