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    Hi PF,
    My name is Chloe and I'm an undergraduate student studying math, with an emphasis in actuarial science. As much as I love math, my coursework lately requires me to take more economics and finance than advanced math. Even after graduation and entering the workforce this year, I hope to continue learning more math and some programming.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What kind of programming are you interested in?
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    I've taken an introductory Java course, but I think the most beneficial things for me to learn next would be VBA and MatLab
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    Java was an excellent choice and you might want to stick with over VBA. MS has been pushing C# more.


    MATLAB is good. Many institutions and some companies rely on it for engineering research. Eventually the MATLAB work is converted into a production language like Java or C++. Increasingly its Java because of its massive impact on web applications.

    I found an interesting alternative to MATLAB based on Python called Pyzo. Its a packaged version of Python+IDE+Python math libraries for scientific applications. So if you have any interest in Python you might want to check it out.


    Since you're interested in Actuarial Science then perhaps R would be another one to check out. Its main focus is on statistical work:

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    Thanks so much for the suggestions!
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