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Higg's Boson v. Einstein's warping of Space-Time

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    Why does it seem that modern physicists have thrown out Einstein's theory of gravity warping space-time for the idea that the force of gravity is caused by a specific particle? Has Einstein's theory been discredited or is it just simpler for the Unification of the four forces for gravity to be like the other forces?
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    You are mixing two different concepts: The origin of mass and gravity.
    The best theory for gravity is General Relativity (GR), which uses the concept of curved space-time. The curvature depends on the energy density, and this depends on the mass of particles (and their energy). No Higgs here. One of the predictions from GR is that gravity acts on the inertial mass (or, in other words: gravitational mass is the same as inertial mass).
    The origin of inertial mass is now explained in the Standard Model of particle physics, and uses the Higgs mechanism. The Higgs particle is again something different: It is the excitation of the Higgs field, which is predicted by the Higgs mechanism.
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    Why do you believe physicists have 'thrown out' general relativity? That is incorrect, GR is universally accepted among mainstream physicists.

    The Higgs mechanism and GR don't have any conflict, since they don't have anything to do with each other.
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