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Homework Help: High school regents problem

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    hi I am new here, but I signed up to ask this question. I was looking at a high school physics exam from last june and one of the questions seems to me like it's unfair. I think they didn't give enough information to solve the problem. here it is;

    An 80-kilogram skier slides on waxed skis along a
    horizontal surface of snow at constant velocity
    while pushing with his poles. What is the horizontal
    component of the force pushing him

    (1) 0.05 N
    (2) 0.4 N
    (3) 40 N
    (4) 4 N

    The correct answer is supposedly #3, but I am really unsure why. The problem and the supplied formula tables made no mention to air resistance or friction forces that oppose his forward momentum. If the skier is already at a constant velocity and we neglect any opposing forces, we shouldn't need to apply any extra forces to keep him moving. Am I mistaken?
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    Doc Al

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    You're right, the problem seems to be missing some data. Since he's pushing with his poles, friction must be acting. (I presume that no data about the coefficient of friction was given?)
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    Doc Al

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    It turns out that on the official Regents reference sheet, the coefficient of kinetic friction for a waxed ski on snow is given as 0.05.
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    wow that was fast. thanks for your reply.

    If that is the case, then I did overlook that. However I looked at the reference sheet again and I don't see it. this is the link for the pdf

    http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/osa/reftable/reftablearch/physicstbl.pdf" [Broken]

    do you have something different?
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    <---- feels kinda dumb

    Thanks for your replies doc. I did have the wrong reference tables. I would not have noticed until now.

    here is the correct link
    http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/osa/reftable/reftablearch/physics06tbl.pdf [Broken]

    you are awsome :)
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