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HIV transmission

  1. here is a question
    suppose a sperm and a ova fuse with each other
    none of these are infected with AIDS
    the zygote is formed
    now this is transplanted into the uterus of a mother infected with AIDS
    will the child also have AIDS???
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    Re: help me

    First a clarification of the definitions: AIDS is the syndrome that can be caused by the HIV virus. You can be infected with the HIV virus and not have AIDS.

    If the mother is infected with the HIV virus there is a possibility that the virus is transferred to the unborn baby through the placenta, there is also the risk that the baby gets infected with the virus via blood-contact during birth. Under appropriate treatment by medical professionals the risk of viral transfer can be substantially reduced.
  4. according to me,
    through placenta only food and oxygen are transferred
    there is no blood contact or transfer
    and viruses can only be transmitted through blood
    so what should be the result????
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    You are right that the placenta acts as a physical barrier between the mother and the infant, but research has shown that infection can take place in utero. The mechanism is poorly understood, but it appears that HIV is able to infect the placental cells and that the infection can spread in such a way to the infant.

    Here is a review from the Journal of Perinatology
  6. thanks
    good reply
    but where can i get my doubts clarified???
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    You should talk to a medical professional, a good starting point is your family doctor.
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