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Linear Algebra Hoffman/Kunze VS Lang's Linear Algebra series

  1. Aug 27, 2015 #1
    Hi, I want to learn Linear Algebra in its most rigorous and expansive form. I have narrowed down to two books (well, one is a series). On one hand, I want to try Linear Algebra by Hoffman/Kunze, but my school's library has Lang's Introduction to Linear Algebra, and his second book on the subject, so I have them available for free. Is there anything I would be missing by choosing Lang's series over Hoffman and Kunze? I glimpsed through a microscopic preview of Hoffman/Kunze and I like how they rigorously defined the concept of a matrix as a function from a double indexing set into a field rather than a magical array of elements of a field. So, is Lang's books (at least his second one) as rigorous as Hoffman/Kunze. This was typed in a rush so please bear with me. Thanks in advance for any response.
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