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Homemade questions on introductory physics

  1. Feb 25, 2010 #1
    "Homemade" questions on introductory physics

    Have you ever thought of the PERFECT question in introductory physics? Stop lying, you know you did.
    Let this thread be a collection of original introductory physics questions made by PFers to be used in the classroom.
    Note: While at an introductory level it must CHALLENGING and/or interesting.

    Subject(i.e. the chapter this would belong to in your imaginary physics text in your head )
    Answer(not full solution, just the short answer w/o explanation)

    My question:

    Subject: Kinematics

    Question: A block is connected to a spring. Its equation of motion is
    A=3 meters
    Find the average speed for the interval
    0<t<10 sec

    Answer: 5.75 meters/second
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