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How am I suppose to graph this

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    Hey everyone, so how would I even go about something that says for example ::

    Sketch the graph of the function: f(x) =
    {x^2 if x < -3
    {x+12 if x >= -3

    I'm not really sure what it wants, just like the graph for x^2, and x+12 ?, that's easy enough, but the "if" statements are throwing me off.
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    You are asked to graph y= f(x) which is part x2 and part x+ 12.

    First, graph y= x2.

    Now, because it says "x2 if x< -3", erase all of that graph to the right of x= -3. (Well, I guess you could have only drawn the part left of x= -3.)

    Now draw the graph of y= x+12.

    Then, because it says "if x>= -3", erase the part of that graph to left of x= -3.

    What you have left is the graph of f (as a check, since (-3)2= 9= -3+ 12, those two "parts" should connect).
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    awesome ! thanks for the quick answer and for making it very easy to understand.
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